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Find the Asset Manager assigned to your region.

Asset Management Region Map with Assignments (PDF) – December 2022

Rosalio BanuelosDirector of Multifamily Asset Management(512) 475-3357
Lee Ann ChanceManager of Multifamily Asset Management(512) 936-7835
Karen TreadwellSenior Asset Manager(512) 936-7839
Rene RuizSenior Asset Manager(512) 475-1987
Jonathan ChilsonAsset Manager(512) 475-2014
Karen CurticeAsset Manager(512) 475-2567
Lucy WeberAsset Manager(512) 475-2109
Stephanie GivensAsset Manager(512) 475-2550
Jessica PerezAssociate Asset Manager(512) 475-3882
Renee NorredAssociate Asset Manager(512) 475-3140
Sussette KenneyAssociate Asset Manager(512) 475-0577
Elle JohnsonAssistant to Asset Management(512) 475-3955

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