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Program Services Section facilitates adherence, processing, and completion of federal mandates and departmental requirements affecting a variety of programs administered by the Department. These mandates and requirements include:

Compliance with federal mandates (Environmental Review) can affect release of funds and future program eligibility.

Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs established the Program Services Division September 1, 2009.

Loan Closings

The Department's housing programs assist homeowners, buyers, and developers with deferred, forgivable, or repayable loans. The Program Services division processes Single-Family loans. Program Services staff members advise and assist program area specialists to collect documents required by federal and state rules. Program Services personnel ensure compliance with all applicable regulations when collecting, receiving, verifying, and filing documents on behalf of those requesting housing assistance; and expeditiously prepare loan packages evaluated by the Department's lawyers. Program Services specialists also coordinate loan closing procedures with title companies.

Quality Assurance (Commitments and Disbursements)

Program Services' quality assurance (QA) specialists verify eligibility and accuracy of federal fund commitments and expenditures. QA specialists perform and expedite final review, evaluation, and approval of data submitted via the Department's Contract System and verify corresponding support documentation for program set-ups committing federal funds and processing disbursement requests from program participants in accordance with federal, state, and Department requirements. QA specialists support program area specialists and program participants with Project Completion Reports, closing out individual contract activities and entire contracts. For more information about these processes, applicable forms, and guidelines, select the applicable program link below.

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