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The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) made $38 million in Community Development Block Grant CARES Act (CDBG-CV) funds available through a competitive application process for the Community Resiliency Project (CRP) for non-entitlement cities and counties to create, expand, or enhance public facilities that provide medical care, social services, and/or emergency housing and increase the community’s long-term resiliency and ability to mitigate future coronavirus outbreaks. Further, because few rural and small metro areas have had the opportunity to implement mobile response units or emergency medical services that would have a positive impact on their capability to reach certain households, CRP funds allow for the purchase of equipment to increase capacity to carry out a public service.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, homeless emergency shelters, health clinics/facilities, medical facilities, domestic violence facilities, and senior centers have been required to reduce capacity and services to clients, and establish non-congregate shelter options to adhere to CDC guidelines and social distancing. Community Resiliency Project funds will allow low- and moderate-income areas, and rural and small metro communities to address gaps in their ability to prepare, prevent and respond to COVID-19 or a future pandemic. Many rural and smaller urban areas lack capacity in these critical areas, which limited a quick, safe and effective response to the pandemic. Public facility structures can be modified or constructed with these funds to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus and allow for adequate social distancing or remote access.

Construction Projects

CRP Documents Checklist and Guidance

Sample Bid Package and Change Order Form

Davis-Bacon (Labor Standards) Forms and Resources

US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) – Labor Standards Websites

US Department of Labor (DOL) (DOL.Gov)

US General Services Administration

Section 3 Forms and Resources

CRP Section 3 & Project Construction Guidance (PDF)

Sample Section 3 Presentation (PPTX)

Section 3 Final Rule Notice (FR-6085-F-03) (

Expenditure Reporting and Monthly Status Report

Environmental Forms/Documentation

  1. Environmental Review for Administrative Activities – Administrative-Const. Part 58 Exempt-CENST form (PDF) and
  2. Required level of Environmental Review for Construction Activities (CEST or EA)
  3. Phase I ESA (as applicable)

Non-Construction/Purchase Projects

Expenditure Reporting and Quarterly Status Report

  1. Housing Contract System
  2. Quarterly Status Report (DOCX) (updated 5/14/24)
    • Submit completed Quarterly Status Report here (

Environmental Forms

  1. Environmental Review for Administrative Activities – Administrative-Non-Const. Part 58 Exempt-CENST form (PDF) and
  2. Environmental Review for Non-Construction/Purchase Activities – Purchase Part 58 Exempt-CENST form (PDF)


CRP Documents Checklist – Non-Construction Projects (XLSX)


Guidance & Resources

CDBG-CV Notice

CDBG-CV Notice (FR-6218-N-01) (PDF)

NOFA & Application [CLOSED]

The application deadline for CRP Applications has expired.

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