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You will not be sent a list. For your convenience we have added a report to our website that enables you to run a separate list for each taxing entity. If you have a Central Tax Collector's number (CTC) you can enter that and run one report with all taxing entities listed which is much easier.

The deadline to respond is 60 days from receipt of the second notice sent by the Division.

We have determined it appropriate to preserve tax liens on record which are more than four years delinquent and which have a tax suit filed, have been deferred, are on a payment plan, have a judgment, and/or those under bankruptcy.

We suggest you use the spreadsheet format used in the report that can be run from our website.

You must include the:

  • Home ID (label and /or serial);
  • Tax Unit ID;
  • Tax roll account number;
  • Tax year (liens must be more than four years delinquent);
  • Name of the homeowner; and
  • Reason lien should be preserved (tax suit filed, deferred, payment plan, judgment, or bankruptcy).

Use your eight digit tax unit identification number issued by the Comptroller's office (Appraisal Districts or County Tax Offices). Keep in mind that you will need to run a separate report for each entity that you collect for.

Yes, but only if you have a Central Tax Collector's number (CTC).

Yes. Just complete the Central Tax Collector Request Form and the Access Agreement and return them to the office at the email or fax provided.

Reports should be emailed to

No, you do not need to release any liens. A mass release of liens pursuant to HB 3613 will be performed by the Department.

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