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Buying Flood Damaged Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes which have sustained flood or wind damage cannot be sold or offered for sale by a Retailer (retail sales center) without having first been properly repaired and inspected.  A salvaged manufactured home cannot be sold or conveyed to anyone except a licensed Retailer and only a licensed retailer is authorized to rebuild a salvaged manufactured home.

Since new HUD Code manufactured homes are regulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), federal law requires that new homes sustaining damage can only be rebuilt in accordance with the Manufacturer’s specifications and must pass inspection by the Manufacturer’s Design Approval Primary Inspection Agency.  These manufactured homes are restored and sold as new homes with the required one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Often times, however, the damage is extensive enough that the manufacturer will not honor the required one-year warranty.  In these cases, the home goes through the same rebuilding and inspection process but must be sold as a used home, at a reduced cost, with only a 60-day habitability warranty.

Purchasing a manufactured home which has sustained water or wind damage and has not been properly rebuilt and inspected could have compromised structural, electrical and/or plumbing systems and mold growing in unexposed cavities.

After any weather conditions resulting in flooding or high winds, the Department will visit all retail sales centers in affected areas to make a physical inspection and create an inventory of all HUD Code manufactured homes subjected to water and/or wind damage to ensure they are property rebuilt and inspected before being sold or offered for sale.  

With regard to the installation of a manufactured homes, only licensed and bonded Installers can install and/or re-level a manufactured homes in Texas.  All installers are required to report their installations so the Department can perform an inspection.  If the installation is done improperly the Installer is required to make the repairs.

If you feel you have purchased a home which has sustained flood or wind damage or have questions regarding your sale or installation, please contact our Consumer Complaints Hotline at 877-313-3023 for assistance or submit a complaint online at:

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