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TDHCA adds Freddie Mac HFA Advantage® to mortgage options for qualified repeat Texas homebuyers

Released: March 25, 2024
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(AUSTIN) —The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs’ (TDHCA) has today announced that its Texas Homebuyer Program has added Freddie Mac HFA Advantage mortgage product to its My Choice Texas Home list of available options specifically created for qualified first time or repeat Texas homebuyers.  

“TDHCA’s Texas Homebuyer Program provides a critical financial component to advancing homeownership in the state,” said Bobby Wilkinson, TDHCA’s executive director. “We’re excited to now offer the Freddie Mac HFA Advantage product and give future homebuyers another favorable mortgage option. We believe this addition will help augment an already healthy Texas housing market by encouraging low to moderate-income families to take the next step to fulfilling their dream of homeownership.”

Features of the newly added product include:

  • 620 minimum credit score

  • Reduced Mortgage Insurance Premiums for <80% AMI Borrowers

  • Allows for Monthly Mortgage Insurance payment to be eliminated in the future.

  • Low Minimum Down Payment 3%

  • Co-signers Allowed

“We are proud to partner with TDHCA to offer our HFA Advantage product and responsibly make homeownership more affordable, sustainable and accessible for Texans,” said Danny Gardner, Single-Family Senior Vice President of Mission and Community Engagement at Freddie Mac. “As families look to buy a home during a busy spring homebuying season, HFA Advantage offers a supportive and flexible option for the qualified, lower income borrower.”

My Choice Texas Home by The Texas Homebuyer Program offers a 30-year, low-interest rate mortgage with up to 5% down payment and closing cost assistance. Veterans and repeat homebuyers may be eligible for the Freddie Mac HFA Advantage product, and can be used for the purchase of single-family homes, manufactured homes and condominiums. Other eligibility requirements may apply. Please visit to find more information.

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