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Type of FeeAmountNotes
Extension Fee$2,500No fee if requested 30 calendar days in advance of applicable deadline. No fee for Developments involving Rehabilitation when the Department or USDA is the primary lender if USDA or the Department is the cause for the Applicant not meeting the deadline. Subsequent requests on the same activity will increase by increments of $500, regardless of whether the first request was submitted thirty calendar days in advance of the applicable deadline. For each Construction Status Report received after the deadline, extension fees will be automatically due and unpaid extension fees must be paid prior to issuance of Forms 8609. Each quarterly construction status report will be considered a separate activity.
Amendment Fee$2,500No fee for Application Amendment requests if the request is non-material and not yet implemented. Fees also apply to LURA Amendment requests. Amendment fees are not required for Multifamily Developments funded only under Direct Loan programs (HOME, NSP, HTF, NHTF). Subsequent requests on the same application will increase by increments of $500. A subsequent request, related to the same application, regardless of whether the first request was non-material and did not require a fee, must include a fee of $3,000.
ROFR Fee$2,500 
QC Pre-Request Fee$250 
QC Request Fee$3,000 
Ownership Transfer Fee$1,000 
Bond Credit Increase FeeTBDRequests for increases to the credit amount for Tax-Exempt Bond Developments must be submitted with a request fee equal to 4% of the amount of the credit increase for one year.
Unused Credit/Penalty FeeTBDOne year credit amount of the lost credits (10% of the total unused tax credit amount) if the HTCs are not returned and 8609's issued within 180 days of the end of the 1st year of the credit period.

Payment should be submitted in the form of a check made payable to Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. A cover letter should be included identifying the property, the type of request, and the Asset Manager assigned to the property. Packages can be mailed to the Department at:

Mailing Address (United States Postal Service): 
P.O. BOX 13941 
Austin, TX 78711-3941 
(512) 475-3800

Physical Address (Overnight Carriers):
221 East 11th Street 
Austin, Texas 78701-2410

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