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The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, through its Manufactured Housing Division (the “Division”) regulates the manufactured housing industry in Texas. It administers the Texas Manufactured Housing Standards Act (the Standards Act) and acts as HUD’s state supervisory agent to administer certain aspects of the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 (the Federal Act).

Under its current agreement with HUD, the Division administers parts of the Act which involve:

  • Monitoring manufacturers' performance in handling consumer complaints;
  • Searching for and, when warranted, initiating class action cases;
  • Performing post-production monitoring of manufactured homes produced and/or shipped to Texas; and
  • Monitoring licensed retailers.

The Standards Act assigns additional responsibilities to the Division for:

  • Maintaining records of ownership, location, and real or personal property status;
  • Recording and releasing liens;
  • Conducting training and issuing licenses to persons in the manufactured housing industry;
  • Performing installation inspections;
  • Issuing state seals;
  • Investigating and resolving consumer complaints under the Standards Act;
  • Investigating and taking appropriate action against violators of the Texas Act; and
  • Administering the Consumer Claims Program.

The Standards Act ensures that manufactured homes are well-constructed and safe, that homes are installed correctly, that consumers are provided fair and effective remedies, and that measures are taken to provide economic stability for the Texas manufactured housing industry.

The Division headquarters are located in Austin. See Contact Information for more details.

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