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The Housing Resource Center was established to provide educational materials and technical assistance to the public, community-based housing development organizations, nonprofit housing developers, and other state and federal agencies.

This assistance helps providers determine local housing needs, access appropriate housing programs, and identify available funding sources needed to increase the stock of affordable housing. The Housing Resource Center also offers assistance to the general public in locating the appropriate service providers in their community.

The Center is also responsible for plans and reports that TDHCA is required to submit to receive funding from both the state and federal government. These policy documents are integral components of the strategic planning process that determines the direction of housing policy for the State of Texas.

For more information, please email HRC at or call (512) 475-3976.


Statutorily required plans and reports produced by the Housing Resource Center

Fair Housing information related to TDHCA properties and programs

Homeless individual camping plans related to provisions of H.B. 1925

Please see the Agency Information page for details on TDHCA Committees and Councils

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