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Mission Statement

“To Support the TDHCA Mission by Providing Financial Accountability 
and Quality Customer Service to the Agency and the People of Texas.”


The Financial Administration Division is responsible for the overall fiscal management, accounting, and financial reporting for the Department. The Division's other functions include budgeting, payroll, purchasing, facilities management, mail operations, records retention, bond accounting and investment activities. The Division is also responsible for the coordination of information and planning relating to the state budget / appropriations process. The annual financial audit, conducted by an independent auditor, is facilitated through the Financial Administration Division.

TDHCA Basic Financial Statements (Years Ending) (PDF format)

TDHCA Revenue Bond Enterprise Fund (Years Ending) (PDF format)

Contacts for information

General functions of the Division or copies of financial statements
David Cervantes, Director of Administration (512) 475-3875

Legislative Appropriation Requests and Annual Operating Budget
Joe Guevara, Director of Financial Administration (512) 475-3352

Bonds Issues / Investments
Cristina Ortega, Manager of Accounting (512) 475-4972

Federal / State Grants Related to Community Affairs Programs
Cristina Ortega, Manager of Accounting (512) 475-4972

John Stewart, Manager of Purchasing (512) 475-1229

Facilities Management, Mail Operations and Record Retention
Nicole Krueger, Director of Human Resources / Staff Services (512) 475-3943

Payroll, Budget and Travel
Paul Ford, Manager of Financial Services (512) 463-9643

HUB Contracts 
Suzanne Saucedo, Purchaser/HUB Coordinator (512) 475-3998

For more information, please contact Joe Guevara at

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