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Welcome to the Compliance Monitoring and Tracking System (CMTS). This system allows owners to submit required reports, such as the Unit Status Report (USR) and the Annual Owners Compliance Report (AOCR) and submit documentation directly to the Department.

Login to the CMTS

If you have already received your user id and password from the Department, login to update or submit required information.

Login to CMTS

CMTS User Guidelines

To ensure that information is properly entered into CMTS, please review the following references:

To use the CMTS Unit Upload feature for uploading household and tenant data from other systems to CMTS, please read the CMTS Unit Upload Instructions (PDF). As mentioned on the first page of that document, the file layouts and field definitions for the CMTS Unit Upload feature are contained in the CMTS Unit Upload Specification (XLSX).

Visit the Compliance Reports page for additional information.

Visit the Trainings Presentation page for CMTS training.

Set Up to Report Online

If you have not received a user id and password from the Department, two steps are required to initiate online compliance reporting:

  1. Read, complete and submit the 2023 CMTS Filing Agreement (DOCX)
  2. You can now enter your buildings and units directly into CMTS. Please read the Instructions for Adding Buildings and Units in CMTS for guidance.

Submit via email to and we will process your request and send you an Administrator of Accounts id and password. Please allow three (3) to five (5) business days to process your request.

For password resets, email Please provide the CMTS login ID in either the body or in the subject line of your email. The request must come directly from the assigned individual for the request to be processed. The administrator(s) for the development have the capability and should be the individual(s) resetting the manager password unless the account has been locked. In this case, the administrator should make the request to have the manager’s password reset.

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